Shortcut to fond controler


If I have volume parameter, for example, with a velocity controler, it would be Nice to have a shortcut to click on the knob volume and open directly the corresponding velocity Controller.



The link between controller and sampler could be more clear
When you have several samplers in one zone, they have the same name.
If I m using 3 samplers in the centre zone and I have an enveloppe on one volume, à velocity on an other volume and a timbre on another volume.
In the controller panel you see:
D1: sampler: volume - centre
And I don’t know which sampler is which…
IT would be great if we could give an automatique name to samplerd like sampler 1 sampler 2 Or sampler A sampler B ?

Hi @Garyool

Sorry for the slow reply here – we looked into this and thought, “he’s right!”

So we changed it and just rolled it out in 1.7.3, which was just recently released. It was tricky to fit everything in there, so when the controller is expanded, the address is two lines now.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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I tenoch

Cool !
I’m happy that you take my suggestion into account, it’s more clear like this !!

I have a remark or reflection about this :
it’s just a syntax question (maybe due to my french vision)
when i read “drum 2 / center / 4 sampler / filter freq” , my first understanding was :
Ok, it’s the centre zone of the second drum and Four samplers are affected by this controller …
Why not use the syntax “sampler 4” , it’s like for drums, we tend to say drum 2, not 2 drum?
And it will become d2/cntr/s4/filter …?
To go further in this reflection, why not use letters for samplers (sampler A, sampler B …), because for beginners, and not only, it will help to distinguish sampler and sample.

I’m keeping my first feature request about a shortcut to find a controller faster.
when you have a knob volume affected by a controller for example, it would be very helpful to do:
Shift + click on volume knob (or whatever shift + ctrl + click …) to open the controller that controls this knob
And maybe vice-versa , shift + click on controller assignment to open the sampler

Thank you for your work