Showcase your work

Hello all! I’m new here and like perhaps others, overwhelmed by the software’s capabilities. I’m curious if there is a place to inspire each other. This may also be possible here or in a Facebook group with videos, for example, or links to Soundcloud.

Great to hear what everyone is making and then perhaps a short explanation of how you did this? Do most people use the existing sounds as a basis for something else or do you add new samples?


ive been using these on and off for 6 years and i always check the sounds and packs they made for it…helps me understand the way the software works and pick up quick techniques to use when building my own modules and samples from scratch. its really fun and you can tweak it and customize it more to your musicality and playing.


@Berno this is a great idea! I just created the Showcase Category on this forum as a starting place.

There’s also a Facebook Group and a Subreddit, but those places have been pretty quiet.


Thanks! :pray: looking forward to posts there :+1: thanks for picking up!

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I asked to be added to the FB group earlier this week but it’s still waiting for approval :face_with_peeking_eye:

Sorry about that! We had to turn on member/post approvals to avoid bots spamming the group with irrelevant posts.

You’ve been approved. Looking forward to seeing what you share!

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