Signal through to Sensory software is visible but no audio

Hi there,

I’ve been happily running Sensory Percussion software with Focusrite Scarlett Solo (latest gen) and one sensor until yesterday. All of a sudden I’m no longer able to hear sounds come through to headphones, which has not been an issue before. I can see the signal clearly gets through to Sensory Percussion as it shows and flashes different parts of the mapped drum where it is struck.
I think the sensor works well as it sends the signal to the software and the light is on (with 48V on). The audio interface works OK as it sends the signal from the sensor to the software, which in return displays which part of the drum has been played. The only thing I’m not getting is audio in headphones, I’ve tried 2 pairs of headphones with the same result. I’ve checked all the steps here and all seems to be correctly set.

Update: when I connect headphones to my laptop (Mac) and run Sensory Percussion without an audio interface and a sensor (i.e. basically I use external headphones as output and click on various drum zones to trigger samples), the sounds play OK in my headphones directly from mac. This confirms the software works OK on its own.

Any ideas what it could be, especially if it happened all of a sudden?

Hi there,

That is strange. Have you tried selecting the Focusrite as the output for different software or the output for your computer (like playing a youtube video with the Focusrite selected as output)?

I would recommend restarting everything: unplug the interface, restart the computer and see if the problem goes away. If you’re still having problems after that I would contact Focusrite’s support.

Thanks for your insight Steven. I’ve unplugged everything, rebooted computer as the first troubleshooting attempt. This did not resolve it. The fact that I have tried two sets of headphones makes me wonder if this could be related to the audio interface connector for headphones that suddenly stopped working. I will try your recommendation to run Focusrite as the output for a different software or just as an output from my laptop.

Update 2:
This morning I’ve used Focusrite as an audio output from my laptop and it worked fine. Based on this the audio interface seems to be working fine. I think I might have a lead into this issue now, just no resolution yet. I managed to make things work again this morning with following setup: MacBook Air, Focusrite Solo, Sunhouse sensor and software. Then I opened the ALK software by ZenAudio (tried this tool for the first time a couple of days ago with the Sunhouse setup and the VST plugin 1.7.2). Right after creating an instrument in ALK using SensoryPercussion Plugin the situation was exactly the same as described before - signal is visible on Audio Interface controls and Sunhouse software but audio is muted. When I shut down ALK software everything works as expected again. I will do some research on here about VST Plugin settings however, it says it is for Ableton Live so not sure if this would work with ZenAudio. I’m tempted to try the Audio Streamer too next.
If anyone is using ALK with Sunhouse setup, I would appreciate if you could share your experience, whether you experienced any issues or how did you make Sunhouse work with ZenAudio ALK to record your creations. Any help would be much appreciated.

Update 3:
After installing Audio Streamer Beta I now see 3 options under Instrument > Sunhouse. Previously, there was only the highlighted one, SensoryPercussionPlugin (VST), which would load SensoryPercussion software in full with the audio issue as described above. This could be because the Plugin has been designed for Ableton Live and probably does not work with any other DAW software, which would make perfect sense.

I will perform some tests with AudioStreamer and update the forum with the result. Hopefully will get time to work on a template and write a blog to share :slight_smile: