Small dynamic range problem

I’m trying to get all the dynamic range of my mesh skin snare but i only have this small range. How can I extend it?

Hi Tommaso, welcome to the forum!

You can get more dynamic range right from that Velocity IO panel that you have in the screenshot. Try grabbing that yellow circle on the right and pulling it down. You can also try some of the presets on the right – “loud” for example should help you get more volume with less effort.

Let me know how that goes!

yes but it’s strange that for example rim shoulder or rim tip get also high values… I think that there’s something wrong…

Hi Tommaso,

We’d be happy to help you troubleshoot this to see what might be going on.

Could you please go to the “Support” menu in Sensory Percussion and click “Generate Diagnostic Report” and send the file it creates to the email address

Also, if you could take a video with your phone of what you’re seeing, that would help, too.

Mail sent,