So with the "new" M1/M2/M3 chips where RAM is much faster than before, would 8GB be okay for a road Macbook?

As the title says; nowadays 8GB RAM on the silicon chips is lightyears away in performance from the “old” intel configurations since it’s all SoC. I don’t have one, but it’s been mindblowing to see what people can cook up with only 8gb on their silicon macbooks. Does anyone have experience with SP2 on the lower spec silicon macbooks? I’m looking to get a road Macbook that is not necessarily a $1500-2000 machine sitting on stages. All it needs to do is run SP and potentially Ableton for 4-5 tracks

Hey Joris,

I use a 13-inch 2020 M1 Macbook with 8 GB of RAM as my main computer and while I have run into memory issues editing large videos, I’ve never run into problems running SP or SP+Ableton, even with a buffer size set to 64 samples.

With some of the larger sets/sessions–“Taikomorphosis” from the Taiko sound pack, for example–my CPU usage gets up into the 20% - 30% range and they’re sometimes slow to open, but that’s the worst I’ve experienced. So unless your live set is a huge session with thousands of samples, LFOs, etc., I think you should be good with 8 GB.