Software interface questions

Just getting into this apologies if these are super obvious questions…

I created a new sampler on a pad, put a bunch of samples in and trimmed them and now I want to save my work… but the only thing I can figure out how to save is a complete set.

Are there save functions for individual elements?

Similarly, can I duplicate a sample within a sampler, or can I duplicate the whole sampler? I’d like to drag in one sample, trim and adjust and then duplicate a bunch of times. I’d also like to duplicate a whole sampler on the same pad so that I can pan one left and one right (as each cycles through a collection of samples randomly).

Finally, I dragged a controller onto the pitch control part of a sampler (very cool feature) and once it was there, I couldn’t figure out how to remove it. I can replace it by dragging something else onto the pitch control but I can’t just delete it.


Hey Chris! Glad to hear you’re experimenting.

In the next point update (coming out in approximately two weeks) you’ll be able to copy and paste samples and samplers. As of right now, you can only save sets, but you can access kits and drums from your user sets library. So while you can’t save samplers yet, you can drag in entire drums. Look out for the newsletter, which will tell you when the update is available for download.

When you drag and drop a controller to a parameter an assignment will appear underneath it in the controllers panel. To delete that assignment, simply click the “x” on the assignment, or just delete the entire controller itself (if you haven’t assigned it to other parameters yet).

Hope this was helpful. It sounds like you’ve got some cool ideas!

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