Sp + ableton + elektron rytm mk2

So for me a super important basic feature in our recording studio with drums is being able to replace the kick and snare with samples…when making electronic based band music kick and snare are always getting tweaked or replaced…I am super focused on making the drums feel and play like a drum machine…so I hooked it up to the RYTM MK2 triggering 4 pads and making the sensors behave as one shots though midi…The snare and toms only have center and edge enabled and the kick only as closed enabled (cos i bury the beater kick wise). Instead of using aptrigga or other drum triggering VSTs I want to do this in real time while creating/writing. Feeling super good so far…It feels way more in sync than in this video…But I am trying to dial in to get super limited latency which is still some what of a tedious quest.