SP + Ableton Live tutorial on creating and sending Midi CC

Here is one more tutorial on creating midi CC data through a velocity controller in SP and how to use this CC message to control the A and B Send in Ableton Live. http://abletonkurse.teachable.com/courses/sensorypercussionableton/lectures/2351422

Hey - thanks for the great tutorial. When I followed the directions initially, the mapping defaulted to the note being sent from whatever pad I hit at that moment. I was able to get around this by initially disabling the midi notes on each pad in the SP software, and then mapping to the CC value and then re-adding the midi notes. Is there a more convenient way to do this?

Yep - if you are creating/sending notes at the same time this obviously is a problem for mapping, as Ableton Live is listening for ALL midi. So the midi note function needs to be switched off for the field you are creating your midi CC signal.