SP keeps asking for activation?


I’ve installed SP on two computers so that our keyboard player can run all of our software from one device.

After activation and at the next rehearsal SP asks for e-mail and activation key again. We’ve entered it three times now on three separate occasions.

Any idea what’s up? Is this intended? Is there some DRM limiting it’s use? Only one instance is being used at any given time.

Hey, sorry about that. It’s certainly not intentional. What version of SP are you on?

Hi Tenoch,

I’m pretty confident we’re both running the latest update 1.3.1?

My computer doesn’t ask for it and it was registered on 1.2 and then updated. The computer with the issue was a fresh install last Weds.

Hey, so we pushed an update to 1.3.2 that fixes this issue. There was a problem for some users with the installer where it wasn’t setting the permissions correctly on the folder where the activation key gets stored, which is why it’s getting reset. Pretty annoying, so sorry about that.

Check out the updates page: http://sunhou.se/updates for more info on 1.3.2
And here is the link directly to the mac updater

Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you!



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He’s going to run the update and get back to me.

I really appreciate the quick responses from you guys! Thanks a ton!

Hey guys, my computer is doing the same thing. I just tried downloading the updated version of 1.3.2 that is supposed to fix the authentication bug and it didn’t fix it. I reopened sensory percussion and still had to retype my email and password. Sensory percussion is also crashing every time I do anything as much as click a button. Do we have any way of fixing this problem?

Hi guys,

The same thing has been happening to me the lately with 1.3.2. I thought it was because of installing new sound packs or such but even though you guys release a lot of new stuff, it doesn’t happen every time I open the software :smiley:



Hey guys,

We’re still trying to fix this on our end - it’s happened to a few of you that we know about, and the 1.3.2 update didn’t work for everyone. Luckily you can fix this on your end without much trouble.

  1. Navigate to Documents/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion
  2. Right click on the preferences folder and select Duplicate
  3. Delete the old preferences folder (leaving the new folder named preferences copy)
  4. rename the preferences copy folder to preferences

That should stop this annoying bug.