SP Plugin/Audio Streamer issues with Live 11


I just recently upgraded to Ableton Live 11, and I have been having issues on how to locate and use the SP Plugin and Audio Streamer. I downloaded both the streamer and plugin, extracted the files (which I’m not sure if that’s necessary) and I rescanned for VST 2 plugins as well as turning the custom VST 2 folder off/on and I can’t seem to have them appear in Ableton. I can see the template when I browse for VST custom folders, but nothing seems to appear when I click on it, and also, there are no folders titled VST appearing. When I try to open the template outside of Ableton, the error of “this VST plugin could not be found” comes up. Lastly, the file for the template is a .als file, which I have seen that it should be a .dll file.

I know that this is a lot, but if someone could give me a detailed guide on how to go about fixing this issue, then I would greatly appreciate it, because I believe that I am missing or overlooking a simple step in this process.