SP sending unexpected midi trigger

Hello friends!

I am sending midi triggers from SP (not through plugin, just the native software) to an FH-2 from Expert Sleepers. At times, even when I’m not playing, SP appears to send an unexpected trigger and thus creates unwanted sounds. I’ve also noticed this occur after I play a flurry of rolls like the midi is catching up.

It’s not predictable and I’ve confirmed no other software is sending MIDI messages. I’ve tried using the cross-talk cancelation and that does not fix the issue. I’ve also made sure that the thresholds are not so sensitive that the slightest movement will trigger the device. Has anyone else come across this one? Thanks for your help!

Update: Seems that the issue is being caused by using a KD-7 kick trigger in lieu of the SP trigger on a shell. When connected, all of the armed channels seem to receive some random input from the pedal. I’m not using auto level on the KD-7 and manually set the sensitivity to be fairly high.