SP Tutorial Videos

Here is a series of YouTube videos we made to walk you through the latest version of the software. Let us know if anything is confusing or needs more detail.

These videos are just for beta testers so please don’t share them with anyone.

You can find them all in a single playlist here.

  1. Attaching the Sensor

  2. Audio IO Settings

  3. Train the SP System for Your Drum

  4. SP Software Overview

  5. MIDI Routing

  6. Blends

  7. Controllers

  8. Kit Management

Hi! I have just intalled 1.0.5 and have noticed a couple missing elements. There doesn’t seem to be a VST option in the mixer like there is in the tutorial video (8. Loading VSTs within SP). What am I missing here? Also, I can’t seem to be able to right click to reveal dropdown options for the individual pads.

Hi Lance, the videos on the forum were made primarily for our beta testers, and therefore the software has some features that were removed in the current version. We’re working on making new tutorial videos and should have those ready soon.

The manual, which is at help.sunhou.se is the place you should look for the current version of the software.

We decided to remove VSTs from the drum tracks because it didn’t work great and we have an idea for how to use VSTs in the system in a much better way. Unfortunately, that feature wasn’t ready for v1. But we do plan on adding it back in an update soon.

For now, you can control a virtual instrument like Battery with MIDI. You can read more information about this process at help.sunhou.se/overview/midi.html, and email us directly at support@sunhou.se if you have any further questions.

Right clicking the pads should work as it does in the tutorials. Have you trained the drums yet? The pads will not respond to clicking actions if they are untrained.

Hey all, just putting a note here that these tutorial videos are super old. But we’ll leave them here for the record.

Check out the new setup tutorial here: New Sensory Percussion Getting Started Tutorial

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