SP V1 Questions for begginer

Hi! I’m new with the SP V1 system and I just want to ask how do you add a “drone” sound or a sound that lasts indefinitely.
Also, is there any way you would recommend to add/trigger like a backbeat loop kind of thing to be looping in the background while I “solo” over it?

This is my inspiration to these questions right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcyJlQLu6-8

I’m quit new also, but I messed around with samples already. You can drop a drone sample into one the your ‘zones’ of your toms and than it will be played. You can also ‘trigger’ a loop into one zone (sample) and play on the other zones while the other is still playing I geus (but didn’t try that one). I’d say trial and error! Experiment the hell out of this great peace of stuff! You can’t go wrong and always recover the original samples.