SPv2 and modular synths

I would like to control some modular synths via SPv2. I know MIDI is a possibility but what I would really like to do is send control voltage out of the Evans portal. Are the audio outputs on the portal DC coupled? Are there other options?


hi @cc0x!

Unfortunately, the Portal does not have DC-coupled outputs. I would recommend looking into a MIDI-CV module – there are a lot of companies that make them.

I think it would be cool to have more native CV tools in the software – but we’d definitely want to hear from people who would use this. If we had a native CV generator, you could use the adat output and send to a ADAT-CV module. But I’m not sure what the advantage of that would be over using MIDI.

Let us know if you have any thoughts on this front!

Hi @tenoch,

MIDI will do for now but besides being higher resolution than MIDI, I like CV because you can mix control voltages to produce new ones. I also like the ease and flexibility of being to apply these CV shapes to anything I want (filter cutoff, reverb level, delay feedback, etc) without worrying about MIDI program changes, setting up CC assignments or even note numbers (which aren’t terrible useful for me at times). I also don’t have to worry if large parameter sweeps will sound stepped. One way I could see using CV in SP is assigning different CV sequences to different zones on a drum and sending that to modular synths. Or using speed and velocity to shape the CV. Being able to control all that from the drum seat would be great! Perhaps MPE support would be a compromise?