SPv2- tracking each trigger separately in Ableton

I’m having trouble figuring out how to get SP2 integrated into ableton so I can track each trigger separately. Right now I’m just running the Evans Hub into a scarlett 2i2, therefore getting the entire sound as one track. I want to see if there is a way to eliminate needing the 2i2 at all and just use the hub as my interface.

Is the plug-in on the site just used for the older version of SP? each tutorial/diagram i can see has a window of the older software.

any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey Jack,

Good news: multi-channel output (tracking each trigger separately) is possible using the new submix feature! To access submixes, first make sure that you’ve updated to the latest version of Sensory Percussion (2.1.1). Then switch to mix view to see the submix bar. Then you can follow the steps in this video to create your submixes:


With submixes, you can create a separate mix for each sensor OR you can create submixes based on the type of sound/instrument. So you could route your melodic layer, for example, to its own track in Ableton, even if those melodic sounds are spread across multiple drums/inputs.

Note that if you’re recording the Portal → 2i2 → Ableton, you will be limited to two channels of input. If you want more stems, you’ll need to use an interface with more inputs or use a program like Loopback to route your audio internally. We have more detailed info on how to do this in the how to record page of the manual.

Hopefully that helps!

Loopback is a LIFESAVER

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