SSP & Windows 11

I have a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 from 2019 that has had no issues communcating
with SSP until the update of Windows 11 wherein the Evans poortal driver couldn’t be found. There was another 11 update and still the same issue. I went back to Windows 10 and all was fine again. Question is, what do I do if at some point I need to update to Windows 11? Thanks, ~ Kevin

If you’ve gone through these steps and still encounter issues with the Evans portal driver, it might be worth reaching out to Dell support directly for assistance. They may have specific guidance or a workaround for your model. Remember, it’s important to ensure that any operating system upgrade does not interfere with your hardware’s functionality. If the issue persists and there’s no support for the Evans portal driver on Windows 11, it might be necessary to continue using Windows 10 until a solution becomes available.

We definitely support Windows 11 with the Portal and software, so something must be going weird in the upgrade. We’d love to look into this further. At the very least, I can get you a direct link to the driver that you can try re-installing. Would you mind shooting a message to