Standard piezo triggers and Sensory Percussion software

Is it possible to use a standard piezo drum trigger with the Sensory Percussion software? Of course, I don’t expect to get all the benefits of the software (e.g., different zones with different samples). But if I made a kit with the same sample in every zone, could I trigger that sound with a regular trigger connected to one of the audio inputs on my audio interface? Or is there a setting in the Sensory Percussion software for accepting signals that come from a piezo?

I have a ddrum kick trigger that has an XLR jack. I’ve plugged that into my interface.

For anyone else who wants to do this, if you try the straightforward approach (plug your piezo trigger into the audio interface and manipulate its signal in Sensory Percussion software), you get an error in the software saying that the sensor (the piezo trigger) is not recognized. So if there’s a way to do it, then it must be a switch in the software somewhere that lets it accept standard piezo signal. The amplitude on the piezo signal is high enough (registers in both the audio interface external meters and the Sensory Percussion software meter). It’s apparently just not the right type of signal (I guess).

I realize I filed this question under support. But if this feature not present, then this is really a feature request: enable standard piezo triggers, through the audio interface, in the Sensory Percussion software. That would allow all of us who have standard triggers laying around to combine them with the Sensory Percussion trigger(s) in the same software interface. I’d think this would be a pretty common use case.

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I’m asking myself the same question.
I’m very interested to buy the starter pack with software and 1 trigger and I would like to use 1 or 2 classic triggers (that I already have) with the software.

Is it possible ??

I own a 3 sensors pack and i’m very interested too in this question.
i’ve seen a couple of Mason Self’s videos in which he uses a roland kd7 (or similar) instead of the drum sensor. is that possible?

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