Steel pickup element *under* the head?

Has anyone mounted their steel pickup element on the underside of the head? I guess it would put the element a tiny bit further from the sensor, but not by much.

Obviously this makes it harder to replace if it falls off, and harder to see when placing the sensor on the drum etc…, but it would make ‘surface’ playing techniques like brushes easier, as you don’t have to avoid the little metal dot.

Interesting idea! It should work exactly the same, though we haven’t tested it here at the office. Good luck!

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Great, I’ll give it a test and report back.

I imagined that would be the case, since the only difference would be the tiny width of the head itself (<0.5mm?).

Oh, finally got to test this last week and I have to say it worked well. I have no point of reference in terms of having used it with the element on top of the head, but the auto gain, threshold, and training all worked well.

I still have to go through the training a bit more and find the sweet spot for each of the different hits, in terms of training set size and variety, but in terms of the physical/technical setup, it appears to work well.