Stop / Choke / Kill Switch / Off

Quick question: Is there a “everything off” button in V2 ?

Hey Etienne,

The short answer is not yet, but it’s on our list. Every module has a stop button, so one workaround would be to create a set-level trigger macro and assign it to the stop button of the top module in every layer. This trigger then effectively becomes a global stop button that you can click, or you can also assign it to drum zone, midi device, etc.

This video shows how you would do that for the set “glumOctopus,” which has 5 sonic layers.


Great, thanks!

Can you think of a quick way to do this session-wide? To my understanding, this would have to be repeated on every set in a session (i’m using multiple kits in a live show soon and would also make use of this), right?

Hey Max,

Correct, this process would have to be repeated for every set in the session. Once we add a global stop button, it will be session-wide. But for now, you can either create the mappable button on every set in your session or you can always click the power button on any hardware output to instantly stop all audio coming out of that channel. This would be session-wide, but it’s not mappable, so you’d have to use your mouse.

We know it’s not ideal; a global stop button is definitely a priority for upcoming releases! We appreciate your patience in the meantime.