Success with Evans Emad heads on Kick?

Has anyone had success in using the the kick drum sensor with an Evans Emad head on their kick? It places the pick up element on/near the plastic that keeps the foam ring in place. I’m assuming I just have to switch out beater heads which is a bummer cause I really like the sound of the Emad. Just thought I’d ask first even though it may seem like an obvious “no.” Thought there might be a VERY slim chance it would still register vibrations/movement. ( My particular set up is on a 16" Ludwig Break Beats Kit though I doubt it matters )

You might just need to take the foam ring out. Also you can try putting the metal piece on the inside. But the foam would still need to be removed I bet.

Hey there,

The Emad-type heads do pose a problem when attaching the sensors. However, I have gotten them to work before in a crunch (at rehearsals spaces or when using house kits). The sensor needs to sit about 6-7mm away from the pickup element. So, if you stick the pickup element on the ring where the placer places it, you can use some kind of spacer to get the sensor at the right distance and tighten it so it stays there. You just need to make sure the drum head is not hitting the underside of the sensor when you play it.

This is not ideal as the sensor won’t be as secure - it can more easily get pushed out of position since it doesn’t have the drum head to rest against - but it should work.

I’m not certain how it will affect the performance of the software when it comes to recognizing closed versus open hits - I haven’t done much testing regarding that. The pickup on the ring i’m sure effects the signal quality and the ring on the head may reduce the timbral difference between open and closed. But, its worth experimenting with.

Let us know if you have success with it.