Suggestions / Observations

I will be working on creating my set with Sensory Percussion V2 for the next 2 months.

If it’s ok, I will write everything I come across as a workflow suggestions or observations in this thread.

When you select inputs or outputs in the Settings > Audio menu, anytime you click a channel, it will scroll back up. I think it would be easier if the menu stayed in place to allow you to click the other channels you want to add or sub track more quickly.

This is most likely something people only set once and forget, but in a case where you need a lot of different outputs, it can be time consuming to have to scroll back down after clicking any channel that goes past the window view.

example :

Thank you!

Thanks @MaySun – good call. I made a note of it for the team. That’s a lot of outputs!


(these are only my suggestions for workflow, they are not actual problems)

#2 - UI
Clicking (or double clicking?) anywhere on the INPUTS / OUTPUTS bar at the bottom open or closes it (instead of only on the arrow) - so that it is easier / quicker, especially if you have to quickly fix something in a live show setting A “all off” button, a sort of panic button for live shows

#3 - UI
Clicking (or double clicking?) the top bar of the sound library closes / opens it, instead of the arrow only

#4 - UI
Clicking (or double clicking?) anywhere on the layer header opens / closes, instead of the arrow only
Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 18.01.40

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 18.01.47

#5 - Instruction Manual
Write in manual section “How to Navigate Complex Sets” section that you can re-order layers by clicking the first module and dragging and dropping them. (because intuitively it looks like you are only moving the FX, not the whole line)

#6 - Software
Have auto-save as an option you can turn off (auto save is cool, but in some applications maybe you want to revert to your saved version after going too far/messing up)

#7 - Workflow
Have a shortcut key to toggle between PLAY/EDIT/MIX

More suggestions:

#8 feature
It would be nice to have the same “smooth” option on the TIMBRE and VELOCITY control like the SPEED. It would help for a more fluid knob control for effects rather than jumping directly to values.

#9 UI
It would be nice to be able to change the name of the “analog X” inputs.

It becomes a bit confusing that something going physically into LINE A input becomes analog X input when used as an audio insert. For more complex routing it’s difficult to back track as the signal changes names often for a same sound. I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this, but for a faster workflow it would be nice to be able to rename it.

For example in this situation I have to remember that my mix bus 2, is analog 2, which is line A, which is my eurorack. I can rename the input name and the mixbus name but can’t change the in between.

#10 UI
Be able to open/close several tracks at once (instead of clicking each of them individually

#11 Feature
maybe I couldn’t find it but keyboard input was very useful for programming sets while traveling in V1. I am not sure where to find it in V2.

thank you!