SW 1.3.2 with UAD Apollo - Sensors not working after ~30 seconds

I’m setting up my first sensors. I am using an Presonus digimax as mic inputs, to an Apollo interface (ADAT optical connection). I’ve mapped my inputs and outputs correctly. When I first launch the Sunhouse software, everything works as it should and I can start to train the drum. But quickly and suddenly, there is no sensor input and if I click on a software pad, no sound output. So it seems like the software is losing connection to the Apollo device. I use this Apollo with Ableton Live consistently for years now, so it’s not the Apollo. (I can even see hits from the sensor on the correct Apollo input. If I exit the Sunhouse software, wait 30 seconds (any shorter and the software doesn’t relaunch) or so and relaunch it, everything works again for a brief period of time. Then stops working correctly again.

any suggestions on how to troubleshoot further, or resolve would be welcome.

I can make this happen consistently if I open, then save the threshold (don’t change anything, just open and save will cause the audio to stop playing). I also notice that if I then try to use the sample play buttons in the Sampler card, the Yellow light that shows the sample is playing (and then should go out) never goes out unless I change to a different zone.

Further, if, after this problem begins, I go in to Audio settings and use the Test button, no sound comes out. If I test the audio on first open of the application, everything is fine. Changing the Audio Interface to “None” and then back to “Apollo TB” does correct the problem.

So it appears that something in the Threshold process (maybe a separate code thread?) isn’t releasing/resetting the audio I/O?


Similar to Threshold, same thing happens when I exit Training. Before entering training, everything is fine. After exiting training, I have to reset the audio or restart the application.

Sun House Support??? No suggestions or additional questions?

Hi! Sorry that we missed this! For problems like this it’s best to email support@sunhou.se, that way our whole team can see that you are having an issue and we can respond quickly.

What OS are you running?

If you are on a Mac, I think that your issue can be fixed if you refresh your preferences folder by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Documents/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion
  2. Right click on the preferences folder and select Duplicate
  3. Delete the old preferences folder (leaving the new folder named preferences copy)
  4. Rename the preferences copy folder to preferences

If you’re on a PC, then it’s some other issue, so please write an email to support@sunhou.se and we will troubleshoot further (and potentially have a videochat).

I’m on Windows 10.

I’ll send a message to support.

You should note that on your main page under support the only option is this forum. Maybe should add a “contact support” page with your support email - as the obvious path given the menu choices today is to use the forum for support.

I am experiencing the same issue. I am using Windows 7 with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (1st generation) interface. I updated to the latest Focusrite driver and now the problem occurs slightly less frequently. However, it is still a daily issue and I don’t trust using the software in a live setting yet. Please let me know if you have any fixes! Thanks.