Three Sensors, Four Drums

Hey everyone,

If you had three sensors for a four-piece kit (kick-snare-rack-floor), which drum would you exclude? And why?
I realize this is subjective but I’d be curious to hear reasoned replies. Cheers!

I would exclude the kick! Thus far I’ve only used 2 zones on the kick in a meaningful way, and get a lot more out of the sensors on drums I can hit with sticks.

I would say it depends on the kind of music you want to make! I was using a three-sensor setup for a while with kick/snare/floor because I was working on some groove-oriented stuff and I wanted the bass drum to be synced with the harmonic movement. But I’ve also worked on kits/pieces that were more appropriate for a snare/tom setup, leaving out the kick. I play in one group where I use two sensors, one on an acoustic snare and one on a mesh tom, and I play in another group where I use four sensors, one on an acoustic kick, acoustic snare, acoustic tom, and mesh tom. And those decisions are dictated by the music of each group.
I think it’s important to experiment and let the technical considerations follow your musical ideas, as opposed to the other way around. Mason is right though - as far as sheer access to variety, the kick gives you the smallest range of options. Hope that helps!