Trigger Zones at the same time


Is there a way to hit two zones,on the same Tom, at the same time and the sound of both zones are triggered/played?

When I do the exact same thing. Just one sound is going to be played.

Thanks for your help !!

I would doubt it’s possible to trigger 2 zones at once, but even the slightest variation in hit sensitivity timing could be read as 2 consecutive hits (flam?) and therefore trigger the 2 zones on top of each other if the Retrig settings allow it.

Hi @JonnyB,

You’re correct; there is no way to trigger two zones of a single drum at the exact same time. This is more or less unavoidable, since there are a lot of gestures played with a single stick that require two points of contact with the drum.

For example, when you play a rimshot center, the stick is hitting the drum head and the drum rim at the same time, but only one zone is triggered. For any given hit like this, it would be very difficult to guess the intention of the user and parse whether they’re trying to play two zones at the same time (center + rim shoulder) vs. a single zone that requires playing two parts of the drum at once (rimshot).

If you have more than one sensor, a quick solution is to move one of the two sounds to any zone on any other drum. Then, you’ll be able to trigger both in perfect unison.

And as @SacredBlasphemy said, you really have to be pretty precise to get this cancellation between zones of the same drum, so even the slightest flam between them will allow you to hear both zones separately. Hopefully that helps!