Triggering cymbals

Is there any future plans to develop cymbal sensors to trigger the sounds from the different areas/zones of a cymbal (bell,bow,edge etc)?
Or would it already be possible to do something like this if the software was used with the direct source pickups from the zildjian gen16 cymbals? These can send the sound of each cymbal (either the quieter gen16s or real acoustic cymbals with a holes drilled for the pickup) in isolation to an audio interface which then in theory could be processed by the sensory percussion software?
Obviously I don’t really have any idea how the software works but was hoping someone could let me know if this sort of thing is possible either now or in the future?
I think it could be the most realistic way of triggering a full, real drum kit and playing/recording samples from programs like bfd and superior drummer etc.

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It’s definitely possible. But it’s a niche within a niche. Gen 16s are a great idea, but the sound is not something a lot of people like. If there were more possibilities for editing the sound (a la sensory percussion), I would 100% dive in. Lack of playable cymbal surfaces is the only real downside to SP, and I’m definitely after the same kind of thing as you.

Anyone else? Plans, solutions, ideas?