Triggering Other Virtual Instruments with SP

Hey everyone, have some questions regarding triggering other virtual instruments outside SP.

I am looking to buy Superior Drummer 3 because it has an amazing sound set of natural drums, which is my focus. SD3 takes advantage of positional sensing on V-drums, another main reason I want to use SD3. But I’d much rather use Sensory Percussion as my triggers because they are so much more expressive and can learn my exact playing style.

From what I’ve read, the positional sensing SD3/Vdrums uses is just midi CC messages, which I have also read SP has the capability of using and mapping.

So the question is, can I in theory effectively recreate the midi environment to control SD3 in the same manner a Vdrums pad would? Would there be adverse latency increases, etc.?

I realize the best way to use Sensory Percussion is to have the sample library directly in the SP system, but unfortunately the SD3 library is proprietary and only works in the SD3 DAW. Ultimately I only want to use Sensory Percussion, but I’m still using electronic cymbals in some instances, so seems like using a hybrid SP/SD3 setup might be the best option for the moment. At least until Sensory Percussion releases cymbal sensors… hint hint :slight_smile: