Type of module to use

Hello. Another question from a newcomer. Is it possible to use the triggers with a traditional module like Roland? I would like to use my drums immediately while learning how to best use SP, and if this would work, I would likely also purchase a new ATV module that has received good reviews. Thank you!
Best, Jim

Does you module have midi in? As in can you send a midi signal to it from abelton to it to control it?

I would guess you could send the midi signal from sensory percussion to Abelton to the module. But you can’t just hook the sensors up straight to the module. It wouldn’t A. Have the ability to supply the phantom power and B. Wouldn’t know how to interpret the signal if it could.

Keep in mind none of this is from first hand experience. Only from what I’ve researched on the product. Maybe someone with more hands on experience can correct me if I’m wrong.

Hey Brad,

James is largely correct - Sensory Percussion is a different kind of electronic drum system and is not compatible with triggers and trigger-based drum brains.

As James pointed out, the sensor requires a mic-pre with phantom power. The Sensory Percussion software takes the signal from the sensor, analyzes it and then can either drive our built-in samplers and effects or spit out a world’s worth of MIDI data.

So, a typical setup requires one to four sensors, an interface with as many phantom powered inputs, and a computer to run the software. As James pointed out, you can send MIDI to a drum brain if you want to trigger its sounds (no other software required). I can see this being interesting with a Nord drum brain that has interesting sounds and mappable CC controls or some other synthesizer drum module. You can also send MIDI to another software or soft-synth. Many people use Sensory Percussion with Ableton in this way.

But, for sample based playing, its best to use our software with its built-in sampler, sound controls and effects as it provides much more control and power than any drum brain could.

Let me know if you have any other questions!