Unable to download v-1.7.7

Hi, new user here. Sensory percussion first boot up prompts me to install new version 1.7.7. Following the prompts then has me install the “sensory percussion updater.” All seems normal

I am then asked to choose a file location for two small files; one was for sensory percussion and the other was for some vst plug in. After a “successful” install, the next boot up of SP prompts me for the same update again. This time it asks me to pick a location for the installer, despite already having it installed. I have deleted and reinstalled the installer several times. I have uninstalled all sensory percussion data from my computer and tried again. Looking for advice, cheers. :slight_smile:

Hey Zach,

Thanks for writing in and telling us about this and sorry for the issue!

What version does SP say at the top and what OS do you have?

If you could run the diagnostic report and email it to support@sunhou.se, it’ll help us debug the problem. You can find that option in the support menu at the top, “Support → Generate Diagnostic Report”.


@Zach_K no need to send us the diagnostic. We figured it out - we made a small error with the internal version number on windows.

It’s fixed now, so if you re-downlod and run the updater (or the full installer) it should stop asking you to update.

Let me know if that works for you!

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Amazing and fast support, fixed. Thank you