Unable to Update to v-1.8.3

Hi, I have had this issue before where I am prompted to update to v-1.8.3 (Currently operating on 1.7.7).

After agreeing to update, I am asked to download the updater despite already having it installed. Regardless, I go ahead and do so and then am met with the option to redownload Sensory Percussion. I have done so and am met with the same prompt to update to v-1.8.3 yet again.

I am having bugs within the software outside of this which is very frustrating. My hopes are that this update will resolve the other unmentioned problems.


Hi Zach,

Not sure what the issue could be here. But, you can also get the most up-to-date installer from the downloads page downloads.sunhou.se. If you’re still having issues, feel free to write into support@sunhou.se or start a chat on our website and we can help you more directly.

Fixed, thanks a bunch