Upcoming VST plugin questions/suggestions

I’ve heard there is a VST plugin in development? I wanted to ask first and foremost if it will be available for muiltiple DAWs? It seems that Sensory Percussion is a bit biased toward Ableton, but I currently do most of my recording and mixing work in Cubase, and sometimes Logic. Ideally the plugin will simply support all major DAWs, rather than just Ableton (so basically VST3/AU/AAX).

Also by way of suggestion, I’d love to see a full plugin implementation where it’s basically like the standalone app inside the DAW. A company which has executed this very well I think is Elektron, with all their devices – their app called Overbridge. If you’re not familiar, it can be run standalone or inside any DAW, allowing you to control the hardware synths as if they are virtual synth plugins. One of the clearest advantages here is midi clock sync – and as for Sensory Percussion, I’d love to be able to clock sync delays. But also, what I love about how Overbridge works is you can record in with midi, and when you’re ready to bounce audio you can render to a new stereo track or print multi-outs to several tracks as stems, whatever your workflow preference. To me this would be ideal to be able to do (over an audio streamer) for various reasons, mainly to be able to edit a performance after the fact, maybe change out kits, sounds, or finesse samples, velocities, or timing.

My apologies if all of the above has already been considered and in development – I just wanted to throw this out there since I think it should work in any DAW and take full advantage of different workflows (midi/audio), rather than just an audio streamer scenario.

Thank you!


Hi @wing, thanks for your post. Yes, we are working on a plugin – hoping to get it out in beta very soon.

It’s just a VST/AU plugin – the issue is not that we’re not support all DAWs, it’s that not all DAWs have the feature set to use the plugin. We had this issue with V1 as well. Only Ableton (and Max/MSP) allows multi-channel input for plugins. You will be able to load the plugin in other DAWs, but you’d only be able to access 2 inputs, which is not great.

The plugin is the full SPv2 loaded inside the DAW. This is the way it worked in v1 with exactly that workflow you mentioned. But instead of recording MIDI, you are recording the raw signal from the sensors and then replaying it through the app. It’s really dope.

We wrote a blog post about this workflow for v1 if you want to check that out: https://sunhou.se/blog/change-kits-after-a-take

The Audio Streamer was an alternative method to support other DAWs in v1. It was a separate plugin that grabbed the audio from the standalone SP app and routed it to a DAW. But the method for doing this is not a great for v2, which has variable inputs. We do have other ideas for supporting other DAWs for v2 that we think will be better, but it will take more time/development/testing to get there.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi @tenoch, thanks for your reply and for the explanation. I see what you mean now.

Will there be any way of using the standalone app with an audio streamer? With regards to using other DAWs, here are my primary concerns and use cases:

  1. To be able to record my playing within any DAW, with low latency, and capture everything as multi-track stems of each individual channel.

  2. To also be able to capture MIDI of my performance, within my DAW.

I know midi capture might seem less important, and some might argue against editing a performance after the fact, but sometimes timing and velocity has to be adjusted due to latency, sample, and playback issues which you cannot deal with when you’re playing.

Another case might be you open up a session the next day and love your performance but don’t like the kit you used, or want to just change out the snare sample… it would be ideal if you had midi capture to be able simply swap a sample/kit and then bounce that audio separately once you’re ready to commit.

Will either of these things be possible in the future without using Ableton? Is there a world where the standalone plugin can still accomplish these things with other DAWs? If worse comes to worse I could always use Ableton just for recording my SP performance, but the round-trip workflow between another DAW would be kind of annoying and add a lot of friction to the creative process.

Thanks again! FYI I’ve been a long-time user, I was an O.G. Kickstarter and went to your launch party in NYC many years ago :wave: