Updated 1.7 Beta now LIVE!

Hey all

We just updated the 1.7 Beta on the downloads page with a major new feature and we’d love to get your feedback.

In addition to these features added with the previous beta:

  1. A new controller type: Envelope Controller w/ ADSR. You can now make a shape that can be assigned to a knob or wherever. This is really useful for controlling things like synths, and even lights.
  2. added ability to copy/paste controller+assignment settings
  3. added ability to copy/paste samplers/fx with controller assignments

We’ve also added:

  1. A redesigned multi-band EQ plugin with a spectrum visualizer and drag knobs.
  2. the ability to load Sensory Percussion as a VST plugin in Ableton

Obviously, there are many implications for loading SP as a plugin. Please keep in mind that the way this plugin works is a little more complicated than the audio streamer.

Check out this new help page on the manual for instructions on how to use the plugin and for links to Ableton templates.

At this time, we are only supporting Ableton. Most DAWs do not allow multi-input-channel plugins. We tried to make this work with Logic and Bitwig without success. That’s due to limitations in their plugin routing systems. However, the plugin is a standard VST, so if you’re somehow able to get the plugin to work in other DAWs, please let us know!

Please send us any questions or feedback about these features. You can put them here in the forum, or email us at support@sunhou.se




The VST for Ableton is a game changer for recording without latency. Love it. Using the plugin, is it still possible to use an external MIDI controller to control SP or do I need to go back to the standalone app for that?

Will we see a AU version in the future? Could still be very useful only using the stereo out in Logic.

hey @wdm you can still use MIDI in with the plugin. You have to route the MIDI into the channel strip that the plugin is on in Ableton. We can add this information to the manual as well. Thanks!

Hi @bvanderlugt – the problem is that Logic does not support multi-channel audio in. It’s not the output of the plugin that’s the problem. There’s just no way to access all the channels. :frowning:

ahh bummer, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Got it. Works great.

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