Upgrade from version 1 to version 2

I bought 1 sensor used and had the software license transferred over to me back in December. Is version 2 a free software upgrade or do I have to pay for it?

I’m interested in this as well.

I’m also interested in this. Can we expect a discounted cost for moving to V2 given the initial expense of V1. I understand that they are completely different systems but this seems to have been implied in some of the previous forum responses. If this is still planned, does anyone know when it will occur, and how much it will be please?

Hi @JGZen

Thanks! That’s great to hear. We don’t have any details to announce regarding the upgrade at the moment. We plan on announcing details early next year. Stay tuned!



Good to hear. Thanks.

I’m all ears. I’ve been using the V1 for about three years now, satisfied and all, but when V2 was announced, I felt a bit disappointed, since I spent quite a lot of money in the first place buying a full SP setup. Hopefully SP team has thought of this concern, and will have us V1’ers in mind regarding a software upgrade.

Also, the last sound pack for V1 was march 2022, almost 2 years ago??
Seems that focus switched to V2 suddenly.

As @JGZen is also questioning, have you got any news on the possibilities for upgrading to V2 software for us with the V1 sensors @tenoch ?


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Any word on this? I have been really enjoying SP for awhile now, and the UI and features of V2 look really great! Is there a timeline for the upgrade option?

Any word on this? We’re almost into May

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay on this upgrade. It’s something we thought we could get ready sooner, but we’ve obviously had some delays. We’re a small team and have been working to release important updates to Sensory Percussion 2. We’re still not ready to launch the full upgrade program, but we know some of you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on v2 software. So if you’re willing to participate in a manual upgrade process, then shoot us an email at support@sunhou.se and we’ll get you the details. You must have an active v1 license for this.

@JGZen @Jonaselwin @Timber_X