Use a zone on the same drum to trigger next/previous sample

Perhaps an easy question, but I cannot figure it out. :slight_smile: I would like to switch samples in the sampler with the arrows by mapping them to a zone on the same drum. My samples are assigned to Center and I would like to do it with Rim Tip and Tim Shoulder for example. Is that possible? Thank you! Borislav


We’ve gotten this question a lot lately, and that’s probably because it’s a really cool technique. It’s actually quite easy to set up once you know how, but there are a few steps:

  1. Create a velocity controller and set it to only react only to the gesture you want to activate the button. (Circled in red in the picture below)

  2. Drag that controller to the button you want to activate. (Yellow arrow to the sampler next button)

  3. Ensure that the assignment is in “button” mode by clicking the “S” shaped icon to turn it into a “Z” shape. (Circled in green)

  4. Set the sampler playback type to cntrl mode. (circled in blue: this step is applicable to this specific example - other buttons don’t need to be set to a special mode)

I’ve got the same issue and when I apply the velocity to contrôle the sample it directly switch from the first to the last one and avoid the one in the middle.

Hi Togyd,

Can you take a screenshot of your Sensory Percussion window showing exactly what mine is above? No need to draw arrows and circles, but please show the sampler that is being controlled and the controller assignment that controls it.

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