Using Brushes and programming sounds

Hello, another question if I may. I would like to do two things and before ordering confirm that it is possible. First, I often play jazz standards with brushes. Second, I would like to program timbale sounds so that I can teach myself timbales. I apologize for being such a newbie, but would be grateful for any input that can be provided. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi! You could absolutely experiment with using brushes. Has any Sensory Percussion user on here done that, yet? If so, what was your experience?

You would have to train all of the gestures that you intend to employ over the current user model (which includes gestures like center, edge, rimshot, rim tip…etc - all designed for sticks, but nothing is stopping you from training Sensory Percussion from recognizing your brush strokes). I’ve seen several of our users use soft mallets and hot rods. With brushes you probably wouldn’t get as many sound zones as you would with sticks, since the rims of the drums are pretty much out of play.

You could also definitely program timbale sounds into Sensory Percussion. Our library currently has some timbale sounds (16 samples and one preset drum), but timbales are admittedly under-represented when compared to all of the other samples and kits in the library - that will change soon. Until then, you can of course load samples you find or record yourself.

Thank you very much for your reply, which is very helpful and encouraging. If anyone has used brushes and can share their experience, that would be great, but this is a great start. Thank you again.

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to share with you this new video that Mason Self put up on his YouTube. If you haven’t checked him out before, he does awesome work with Sensory Percussion.

In the latest video he’s using brushes.

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