Using LFO to control pitch in v2

In v1 I used to assign a random LFO to the pitch in order to get random notes within a scale. I liked it because my dynamics didn’t affect the notes coming out. In v2, the note controller is awesome, but it seems like only speed and timbre can control the pitch.

Is there a way to use an LFO to change pitches in v2? I can do it chromatically, but I’d like to limit the pitches to a scale.


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Hi @SPDX ,

Thanks for the question! This is definitely something that is on our radar, and we are working on it. You are right, currently there is no way to assign an LFO to the note controller notes. There is a work around that I will describe below (and include a template).

The workaround involves: (1.) duplicating your tonal sampler in a sequencer, (2.) adjusting the transpose parameter of each duplicated sampler to the scale degree that you want, (3.) creating and assigning an LFO assignment or modulator to the sequencer’s number box. (4.) set the sequencer to “manual” mode.

In the screenshots above and the attached .sp2 file, I put the sequencer inside of a note controller (and only selected C3 in the notes). This is just so you can quickly change the root key of the scale. For fun, you can select multiple octaves in the note controller if you want to quickly turn it into a velocity or timbre octaver (while maintaining the randomized note selector).

In the attached template I used the SIMIO_C3 note from the Core Library. To quickly swap the sound, simply drag your own sample onto the waveform of each sampler.

Let me know if you have any questions or hit any snags getting this setup.

stevenz (2.4 KB)

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