Using midi-based drum pads to trigger samples in kits?

I was a previous long-time owner of the V1 modules and software, and I seem to remember this was possible: to route a midi input to trigger sounds in the kit. I previously had set this up so that I can use my Roland SPDsx to trigger additional samples including hi-hats/cym.

Since then I have upgraded my computer and SP to the V2 system. I’m trying to set up my SPDsx to trigger hats and such but I can’t figure it out, even after searching all over the manual and google. I was able to successfully add it as a midi input device, but based on the manual it appears midi inputs are only able to control parameters like CC etc? Whereas technically I would need note input and gate/trig. I just can’t figure out how to route the midi device to a sound in a kit. Is this no longer possible in V2?! Really want to get pads working for cymbals in particular…

Hi @wing!

Good question!

The V1 and V2 paradigms are drastically different, and so in many cases it doesn’t make sense anymore to map MIDI numbers to drum pads. There are now better ways to accomplish integrating an SPDSX or other MIDI device into your setup.

However, we recognize that remapping drum pad controllers to be controlled by MIDI is a useful feature that we are planning on adding.

But to add hi-hats (or any other sounds) into your set, you can create MIDI assignments to play buttons. I put together a template that should work automatically with the SPDSX:

10-Zone-MIDI-Template.sp2 (30.9 KB)

If you have your SPDSX powering a MIDI hardware input (set to MIDI 1), I think this should just work right away:

I believe the SPDSX pads are mapped to notes C3 - G#3 automatically - if they are not, let me know and I will re-upload. But if you want to change the mappings, simply right click the trigger button UI’s and remap the assignment:

There is a set in the template session with sounds mapped already, and the first set is a blank version. You can add sounds by selecting one of the group submodules (named “Pad 1”, “Pad 2”, etc) and drag and drop samples from the Library or from Finder/File Explorer.

And that’s pretty much it! @wing, let me know if that works for you, and anyone else can feel free to reply if you have any other questions about how the template was built. It’s not too complicated, but there is a bit of trickery used (involving a sequencer) in order to get the module to ignore unwanted hit messages – I didn’t feel like going that in depth in this reply, but can go into detail in further comments if people are interested.

I used this process to Macros (trigger) cymbal pad MIDI messages for my kit.

I was also able to use macros (toggle) using the built-in choke sensors on my cymbal pads and assigning to STOP button on the appropriate cymbal group. I also routed STOP assignments between OPEN, CLOSED, and PEDAL HiHats to choke their overlapping hits.

I have noticed one problem.

Is it possible to still use Velocity signals from my external MIDI inputs?
This setup only seems to trigger samples at the default volume/velocity, and when I look at the Velocity I/O panel of any triggered group, it is simply Max/Max on the incoming/outgoing signal and cannot be adjusted in any manner.

I notice that the threshold signals of the original trigger macros do seem to react in a velocity manner when I hit hard or soft on my cymbal pads, so the MIDI signal variation is there…how can I use those dynamic signal velocities in the same fashion as the regular modules/routing?

I just want to be able to use the velocity Hit Controllers (for example) from external MIDI sources, as I would a regular sensor.

This particular trigger setup seems to remove the velocity signal for simple PLAY/STOP (Group)Sampler command.

The only workaround I can think of is replacing the Hit Controller with more desired Sampler groups, that each have Play assignments from various Threshold outputs of the same incoming trigger signal, though choking the lower threshold chain when the higher velocity is triggered is so far a mystery.

My current goal was to create a MACRO (trigger) from MIDI cymbal pad that PLAYS the Ride Cymbal Group containing a Velocity Hit Controller where average velocity triggers primary Ride sample, but a Ride BELL sample only at very hard hits.