Using stems from existing songs to make remixes w/ SP2

I want to take stems from some artists I know and map them to the SP2 kit. Has anyone already done this?

I was cruising through the product page of the Artiphon Orba2 which collaborated with Kimbra to use samples from her music. Something even more amazing has to be possible with Sensory Percussion. You can see how they did it in this video from NAMM 2023 NAMM 2023 - Artiphon - Orba 2 - YouTube

Please comment or get in touch if you’d like to collab to get this done.

Holy shite, Grimes already gave stems to Sunhouse and it’s already a kit for SP1. I’ve emailed support to see how we convert them to SP2 and will keep digging in the documentation to see if I can piece it together.