V1 ableton plug in bug


I’m finding the (mac) ableton plugin quite buggy. I cannot load saved preset kits unless I reassign each drum (e.g I’ll assign drum 1 to mesh Tom 12") and the it will load my preset sounds. The other bug is that I cannot right click on assigned areas (E. G drum centre or whatever) to activate or deactivate them and none of the areas appear grey as they do in the standalone software.

Gas anyone else experienced this?

Not sure how to generate a bug report specific to this so thought I’d try here



Hi Mel,

I think you just need to add a model and train the drums in the plugin (or load a usermodel with your previous training from the standalone).

Hopefully that fixes both of your issues, but if not, feel free to write into support@sunhou.se. Attaching a video of the issue to your email always helps us sort out the problem quicker.