V1 sensor gain through Portal

When using a V1 sensor with Portal through either Mic/Line input the signal level auto-adjusts to a level that is often too low to consistently trigger when playing lightly. The V2 sensors are much more sensitive by comparison. Increasing the input gain momentarily increases the level of the trigger signal, and increases the output level, but the input signal recalibrates to the new input level soon after.

Is this normal?

Hi @GammaRayJetson - interesting, we generally haven’t had problems using the v1 sensors with the Portal. But we do have plans to add more input gain software controls on the sensor training page.

It could be that there is an attachment issue that is causing a weak signal – is your sensor sitting parallel to the drum head? If it’s pitched up or down that can weaken the signal somewhat.

Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity or threshold settings in the training page to catch softer hits? What does that waveform meter look like when you are hitting softly?

If the v1 sensor channel is too quiet in general, you can boost the output gain with the slider under the threshold panel:

Let me know if any of this helps.

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Hi Tenoch,

Thanks for your reply. Fortunately/unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue again and have since switched my remaining V1 sensor for a V2 sensor, problem resolved!