V1 sensor with Portal

Is the only way to use a V1 sensor with the Portal interface, by utilizing the 2 XLR inputs with 48v Phantom engaged?
In other words can a V1 sensor just be plugged into one of the 7 V2 sensor inputs with an XLR to mini-plug adapter or cable?

hi @dwlebleu, the v1 sensors require 48v phantom power to work and the v2 sensor inputs don’t provide enough power. So I would not recommend doing that.

If you wanted to use the lin-in ports on the back of the Portal for a v1 sensor, you’d need to still run it through a pre-amp with phantom power. There are devices like that (here). But it starts to get to the price range of an extra v2 sensor (plus a lot of hassle).

Otherwise, if you have a spare mixer lying around with preamps, you could give that a go.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Tenoch,

I have the same question, in that I have a V1 sensor that I’d like to use with the new V2 system.

I think what the original question referred to, is that the V2 Evans portal interface has two regular microphone input jacks, that both have 48 volt power with an input gain knob. This would be where a V1 sensor would plug into, and should be compatible with the V1 sensors.

If I plug my V1 sensor into one of the two mic input jack of the V2 Evans interface (with the 48 volt turned on), will the V2 software detect the V1 sensor, and will this V1 sensor work properly with the V2 software?

For those of us who invested in your V1 sensors (at considerable personal expense), we would like to be able to still use these sensors with the V2 Evans interface, and the new V2 software.

Hi @Dude1

Yes, you can use two v1 sensors with the portal and the v2 software.

We put together a how-to page in the v1 manual to walk you through the steps: How to Use V2 Hardware | Sensory Percussion 2 Help