V2 Ableton Plugin Walkthrough

Hello, is there a setup walkthrough video for the V2 Ableton plugin available anywhere by chance? Finding the set up instructions difficult to navigate.


Hi @dessauer,

You can find our plugin walkthrough video under the ‘How It Works’ section of the Ableton plugin page of our user manual.

And here’s a direct link to the video just in case. This video was made when the plugin was in Beta and we’re working on a official version now that’s it’s been released publically, but it works exactly the same way. If you follow that video step-by-step, you should be good to go. If not, you can always message us at support@sunhou.se and we’ll help you figure it out.

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Got it! Thank you.

The new features are super cool. That said, for workflow reasons, is there a way to get a simplified version of this akin to the V1 plugin?

For example, would it be possible to have sensors 1-4 on channels 1-4, then FX on channel 5 and master output on channel 6, with no other tracks? Hope that’s clear.