V2 - ADAT - No input signal


Has anyone been able to run the Portal audio interface via ADAT through an other main audio interface and get signal in the software (2.1.1).

My current setup:

Portal ADAT OUT > ADAT IN Apollo X4 > USB C into Macbook M1
(Portal usb C not plugged into anything)

Once in the SP software, I can see the Apollo X4.
I have all it’s ADAT INs turned on (1-8)

In my Apollo X4 console view, I don’t see anything appearing on any of the ADAT channels.
In the SP software I don’t see any input signal coming in.

The ADAT cable is not faulty, I tried with a few.
Apollo X4’s digital input & output are set to ADAT
Apollo X4’s clock is set to ADAT

I understand that the Portal interface is routed like this:

A = Output 1
B = Output 2
C = Output 3
D = Output 4
1 = Output 5
2 = Output 6
3 = Output 7
4 = Output 8
5 = Output 9
6 = Output 10
7 = Output 11
Embeded Mic = Output 12

So technically, my sensor 1 should apprear in my ADAT 5.
But it does not.

Am I doing something wrong, or maybe it will be unlocked in a future update?

Thank you!

PS. everything works fine if going directly from the Portal interface to my computer via USB C.

Hello @MaySun :slight_smile:

You’ll still need to route your layers to submixes and your submixes to hardware outputs (with the ADAT channels selected).

Let us know here; write an email to support@sunhou.se; or start a chat with us on our website, if you hit any other snags.


Hi @MaySun,

In rereading your initial post more carefully I’m realizing that my suggestion is not helpful.

If you want to use the Apollo as an input to Sensory V2, and just use the ADAT outs of the Portal, then you would need to use a DAW (or some other software capable of routing) essentially as a pass-through.

The screenshot below shows how it would work using Ableton:

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 11.29.36 AM

With sensor 1 (input channel 5 on the Portal), going out ADAT 1 (output channel 9 on the Portal).

Sorry about initially misunderstanding.


Actually, I want the portal to be the sensor inputs, and use the Apollo for other things.
Nothing is getting from the Portal to the Apollo via ADAT.

just to be clear:

Sensor > portal > adat > apollo > usb c > SP computer software
I get no signal from the sensor at any point in this chain.

Hi @MaySun,

Yes, I initially misunderstood. To get this to work you would need a DAW or some kind of routing software to route the sensor signal out of the ADAT outputs (see my followup comment, above). So your signal chain would look something like this:

Sensor > portal (plugged into the computer) > DAW for routing > ADAT > apollo > Sensory V2


I’m not sure I understand the use of the ADAT out of the portal, if you can’t output directly to an other interface via ADAT in?

It seems like for the signal path you are suggesting, using a DAW for routing, I would get the same results by having the interfaces in parallele (no need ADAT in this case)

Or is it that the sensors can only output signal via the USB out of the portal, and the ADAT out are 8 other outputs not directly related to the sensors?

(I hope I am making sense)

OK, I understand!

  • only the usb c can directly output the sensors.
  • the sensors cannot be internally routed to the ADAT out
  • The ADAT out are only 8 extra outputs from the portal.

Which explains why you need a DAW to access.

manual: “to send an additional 8 channels of digital audio in ADAT format”

Hi @MaySun,


The main use-case for the ADAT outputs is if you want to route more submixes from the Sensory V2 software to another system (for example: a live sound engineer, or a mixing desk) – the analog outputs are obviously easier to use, but if someone runs out of analog outputs and still wants to send more submixes somewhere, they can use the ADAT outputs with a compatible system.


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