V2 plugin version

Is there any news?
I think there are many users waiting for this.
V2 soft is mind blowing, would be amazing to use it in ableton

There are work arounds.

You can use Blackhole (2, 16, 64, 128 and 256 channels) to send sound from sensory percussion to blackhole, to ableton.
And if you are on mac you can use IAC driver to send midi from sensory percussion to IAC, to ableton.

blackhole: GitHub - ExistentialAudio/BlackHole: BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency.
IAC: Transfer MIDI information between apps in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac - Apple Support (CA)

I’m on a Mac M1 and there is not much latency.

Thanks, @MaySun, those are great options for now.

We’re making really good progress on the plug-in. We hope to release a beta version soon. If you’re not in the Beta program and would like to be able to test the plugin and other features before they are released, please send me a DM or email support@sunhou.se and we’ll get you in the program.



Would you be willing to post some screenshots of the process? I installed it and made it as far as creating the multi-output device, but it’s not working yet.

Are these the correct settings?

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So I created an aggregate device that combines portal and Blackhole 16. I had to do this because in the SP software I use both the portal’s hardware outputs for routing sound to external pedals, and am using Blackhole to send audio to Ableton. To create an aggregate device you choose the + sign at bottom left of the audio midi setup page.You could do it with Blackhole only if you are simply sending sound to Ableton.

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 21.30.20

This is what my aggregate device looks like.

In the Sensory Percussion software, you would go to the settings, and choose Blackhole (or your aggregate device) as the output. Don’t forget to activate the outputs. (My Blackhole starts at output 17 because I set it up that way in the audio midi set up. First 16 channels are the actual portal interface outputs).

Now, at the bottom right of the SP software, you need to create the output. (you could also send it directly from the “MAIN” output, but i’m sending individual tracks to Ableton).

Click the hardware output, create it.

Now, you select the channel of the Blackhole output on the output module. You also need to choose the source. You can send it directly from the “Main” if you want to send everything. I choose different buses because I am sending separate tracks.

Now in the MIX section you can drag whatever sound source you want into the different buses, which will guide them to the different Blackhole channels. (that you just set up)

Now you are sending sounds from SP software to Blackhole.

In Ableton, go into the audio settings. Choose blackhole as the input.

Dont forget to activate the channels.

Now all you have to do is create tracks and select the channels that sound is coming through.

It can be confusing if using aggregate device like I am because Blackhole’s channels start on 17 (because 1-16 is PORTAL), but in Ableton I am using blackhole only as an input (no portal), so channel 17 = channel 1. And actually this can be the confusing part in the SP software as well.
It helps to label everything correctly, to assure the signal path is correct and to not get lost.

In short: SP sends to BH, and BH sends to Ableton.

Note that you will get more latency this way because things are happening in series.
Keep your buffer size as low as your computer can handle.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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