V2 routing individual drums to ADAT outputs?

Digging into V2 and trying to figure out how I can record more than the stereo mix. Ideally I’d like to be able to capture the individual drum (or sonic layer) outputs for recording, much as I’d do with traditional drum recording. But I cannot figure out how to do this (assuming it’s possible).

How would I do something like:
Stereo Mix → ADAT 1-2 (this I have working fine)
Kick Drum → ADAT 3 (or ADAT 3-4)
Snare → ADAT 5 (or ADAT 5-6)
Toms (maybe several mixed) → ADAT 7-8

Hoping something like this is possible as it would open up a lot of mixing possibilities I don’t have right now (Bass Guitar and Kick Drum doing ducking compression for example).

I’d love to sort this out as well. Is there any way to individually route sensor outputs to either ADAT as requested above or the individual aux outs provided by the evans portal? If not is that a feature being developed / in the pipeline? Thanks!

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So just got this working today with the new Beta software!! So you should be able to do this very soon!