V2 without Evans Portal?

I generally understood that the Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System can also be used with a different audio interface. Today I read a review on Bonedo and it says the following:

“New additions include the Portal audio interface, which is designed to ensure smooth communication between the sensors and the software (for MacOS/Windows). It is required for use and offers inputs for up to seven sensors. " (orig.: „Neu hinzugekommen ist unter anderem das Portal Audiointerface, das für eine reibungslose Kommunikation zwischen den Sensoren und der Software (für MacOS/Windows) sorgen soll. Es wird zur Verwendung vorausgesetzt und bietet Eingänge für bis zu sieben Sensoren.”)

Since I read here that there will be an option to buy a software upgrade to V2 in 2024, this would only make sense if you can continue to use your current equipment.

Maybe someone here can help clarify this.


Are you planning to use the V2 sensors, or keep using your V1 XLR versions? Most interfaces don’t have 3.5 mm jacks which the new sensors use. If you are sticking with V1 sensors for now, you should be fine….but if not, I would save and buy the upgrade kit

Hi drewbysnacks and thanks for the quick reply.

I own three V1 sensors and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd gen. interface in addition to the V1 software. As far as I have read, the two sensors are the same except for the XLR vs 3.5mm jack connections. So if the V2 software can also be used with the Focusrite, it’s worth waiting for the software upgrade.

I used my V1 sensors via focusrite and a Mac Audiobridge with my portal to have more than the original 3 V2 sensors supplied in the upgrade kit and it worked great! I will say from a performance stabdpoint, switching to 3.5mm jacks has removed a TON of logistical headache (especially playing mostly shows with multiple drummers/shared kits). If that isn’t a huge concern for you, I’d wait to see if they offer the software upgrade soon!