Velocity layer switching between samples

I’ve been working with samplers and electronic drums since the mid-90s, but I’m having a very difficult time understanding how to switch between different samples using velocity in Sensory Percussion. In most samplers, I would just assign a velocity range to each sample. Like 0-20 for the lightest hit, 20-40 for the next lightest hit, all the way up to 127. I’ve been reading the documentation and watching tutorial videos and not really finding this feature. I’m starting to realize that I have to assign the velocity controller to the stack of samples, but since this is such an unfamiliar concept to me and I don’t feel like the documentation is very specific, I’m having a difficult time grasping it. If I do manage to get this working in the sensory percussion sampler, will it be the same technique to send this information to an external VST?

Hi @Tines!

Thanks for the questions. In V1 there are two ways to create a multi-sample velocity range as you are describing.

One way would be to use multiple samplers per pad and use the velocity I/O tool to limit the range of the sampler: How to Use the Velocity IO Tool | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

Holding down Shift while dragging the tabs of the velocity I/O will snap it to the nearest ten, which is pretty much required to make this use-case work without leaving silent gaps between the samplers.

Another way would be to drag a velocity controller to the “cntrl” number box and then set the sampler’s mode to “cntrl” and drag multiple samples into that sampler: How to Use the Cntrl Mode of the sampler | Sensory Percussion 2 Help


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Thanks. Option 1 kind of sounds like more of a pain. I’m going to try option 2. If I want to send MIDI from Sensory Percussion to another VST will both of these methods work or is one better than the other?

Ah yes, sorry I missed that question of your original post.

MIDI is sent out of Sensory Percussion using the MIDI panel: MIDI Panel | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

Neither option is exactly applicable to MIDI, but you could either drag a velocity controller to a CC knob to have a velocity knob modulating something in the VST. Or you could rely on sending MIDI notes, each of which will have a velocity message included.