Very slow visual feedback using the software

Hi, since two upgrades later (and probably since Mojave) I’m experiencing a strange

  • latency between hits and lightning of each pad indicator
  • the “edge” pad indicator is always enlighted on the snare (drum two)
    Any suggestions?


I actually just experienced this issue during NAMM while using a new Macbook Pro. It seems to effect the newer retina macs as I wasn’t seeing this issue on my 2013 model.

There may be an UI compatibility issue in SP that we will investigate, but I was able to mostly resolve the UI issue by following the suggestion in this forum post and changing the color profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

Overall, even though the new macbook we were using was the top of the line model, I still experienced more audio glitches and drops that on my slower and much older model. I suspect that the newer macs have some issues that they still need to resolve (they already got in trouble for throttling)

Also, make sure you turn off graphics switching.

Please report back if this helps for you.

it’s very possible, because the problem appeared when i have bought my new macbook.
i’ll let you know,