Way to enhance sharpness of the CC controls?

Hey guys,
I’m really enjoying the possibility to Control Ableton Live parameters with the virtual Cc controls knobs of SP software.
But I have a question: for some purposes (maybe a very slow effect change) I need the knob to move very slow. But in SP the “speed” of the cc controls is controlled by the “smooth” parameter that have his maximum level at 2seconds (that are not enough to create the slow and sharp “transition effect” I’m looking for).
Anyone knows other ways to slow down the cc control movement?
Thank you.

As written in the AbletonDrummer group before. I have a few ideas for how to realize this via a device in Max for Live. Will post solutions here and there ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/abletondrummer ) when I found the time to patch something 2gether

Hey - I patched a little device together which has a FADE for MIDI CC# - You can edit “FROM” and “TO” values and “TIME” - plus you can say if values should go back (from “TO” to “FROM” value - here is a quick vid https://www.facebook.com/abletonkurse/videos/313350456234200/ -
So this is not exactly a smoothing CC values devices but you can use a MIDI note to trigger the whole thing in Ableton Live directly. Hope that helps07

Device is available to Patons only atm:https://www.patreon.com/posts/27675256

Hi Massimo,

We just posted a new SP 1.7 Beta with a new envelope controller type. I think this will do the trick for you. You can create envelopes that are very long. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.