What are some ways to work on SP Sessions ITB?

I’m curious how you work on sessions or building new modules/kits etc when away from the physical drum set…Is it just with mouse clicking on the play zones? Is there a way for example in logic/ableton can turn your typing keyboard into a musical piano?

I wanna keep working and tweaking my sessions/sets when at home with just a laptop…Sometimes I’ll hook up one sensor to a mesh snare head to see how it responds to actual drum hits.

Curious what others may be doing getting ideas together ITB and then executing them physically with the sensors later.



I’ve found that using LFOs is a really good way to test ranges when I’m away from the drums. You can assign an LFO to a param or macro and then click pads, or drop the module into a Metro to make it repeatedly trigger while you are adjusting the range.

When you’re behind the kit again, you can just take the module/s out of the metro and then change the source of the LFO assignment to velocity or timbre, and you may/probably-will want to tweak the range a bit, but it definitely gets ya in the ballpark


oh amazing great ideas thanks S!

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