When will the streamer plugin recording latency issues be resolved?

I am using Logic Pro, Scarlett 18i20 and a combination of acoustic mics for drums, SPD sampler, SP software and synths all recording live. The SP streamer is great but it records latency and requires region nudging in post. When will these DAW + Streamer plugin latency issues be resolved?

Adding to this…with Logic Pro’s new update it appears that the multi-output plugin no longer works as well :frowning:

Hey there, sorry to hear it’s stopped working for you.

I just updated to Logic 10.5 and the Audio Streamer Plugin and Audio Streamer template appear to still work on my machine. Can you write an email to support@sunhou.se or start a chat on our website and we can figure out why it stopped working on your system?

Re: the recorded latency issue, we’re still looking into the best way to address this in Logic, as it seems to be more of an issue there than in other DAWs. We’ll keep the forum posted on updates and improvements to this.



Hi @stevenz, any updates from you or others when the latency to record to Logic will improve?

Hi @Mordent.IO,

We don’t have any new info about coming changes to the streamer, but I think there is another way for you to deal with plugin latency in your tracks.

This support article from Apple looks at ways to deal with this, including adding latency compensation.

I hope this helps!